Raaj shows Bee ji a ring he got for Pavan to gift Tanvi. Bee ji tells Raaj firstly he chose a wrong daughter in law for her, and now for his own self as well. She likes Tanvi for Rishi, Raaj shares to Bee ji he also likes Tanvi but Rishi’s proposal had been fixed with Tannu since childhood. It was in Rishi’s birth chart to be married to Tannu, and he also promised Veer.

Rishi comes in the room to take Tanvi along. Tanvi requests him to let her get engaged, but we can’t get everything in life. Rishi asks what about his love, he tried everything to stop this engagement, he kept onion on her bed to get her fever, then was about to bribe the Pandit as well. Tanvi was worried for Bani and Guljeet’s respect. Rishi asks her to understand Bani and Guljeet are the biggest villains, she must forget them for once and listen to her heart, and the heart never lies. Tannu thinks about her promise to Bani, she jerks his hand away and tells him that for her society and relations are really important unlike him. They would have united a long time ago if it was in fate, but it wasn’t. She leaves the room.

In the Kaali Maa temple, the lady prays. She looks out worried, fearful for their destruction. She prays that they shouldn’t get this insult and separation. Their proposal was fixed here, and today they want to be saved.

Rishi keeps a knife over his wrist, he says if it’s about fate, he won’t be able to live. Tannu asks him to drop it, Rishi forces her to confess her love. Tannu says it isn’t possible. Rishi pushes the knife over his wrist, he drags the knife cutting Tannu’s hand. Rishi holds her hand, apologetically cursing himself. He calls someone for help, Ahna asks how she cut her hand. Rishi explains he broke glass that cut her hand. Bani asks about going to the function again.

Tannu comes to the gathering, Pavan’s mother takes her towards the stage. Manpreet and UV come to Rishi. Tannu sits beside Pavan, Guljeet gives Tannu a ring. She looks at Rishi and puts the ring in his hand. Raaj gives Pavan a ring of his choice, Tannu announces she can’t do this engagement, and shows her bandaged hand. Pavan’s mother was concerned, Rano explains her hand was cut by glass. Pavan puts the finger in the other hand, they all clap.

PRECAP: Rishi cries in the function.


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