Rani climbs up a wooden stair to help a dog stuck up. Raaj Mata comes calling her, Rani says now they both will get beaten. Raaj Mata scolds Rani for not leaving this dog out. Rani asks Raaj Mata to help her first, Lakhan comes and angrily she says she must come down by herself as well. Rani was afraid of height, Lakhan helps them both down and assures Rani he would never let her fell down. Raaj Mata questions Rani about the dog (Kaali Prasad). Rani explains she left him away, he returned. He would help them in household, and guard their house as well. Raaj Mata forbids Rani to lie to her again, and leaves. Lakhan asks Rani why she teases Raaj Mata so much, Rani explains Raaj Mata gets angry at her because she makes her mood up.

In the palace, Raja and brother play cricket and have an argument. Raja makes a bad face at the name of Kaal. Rajeshwari offers a drink to Kaal, Kaal mocks the poor farmers to be humans. His minister laugh they thought Kaal would come there. Bari Rani Maa questions Kaal why he denied the invitation. Bari Rani Maa explains to Kaal that he has to get elected now, as British have gone. He must now learn to mix up with the subjects and speak softly.

Raja again bolds Jeewan but he denies giving the bat. Raja now come snatching the bat. Jeewan calls Raja a cheater, Rajeshwari complains to Kaal about Jeewan. Kaal calls them both, Rajeshwari advocates Jeewan, Kaal gets the bat to Jeewan while Raja was upset.

Rani takes Raaj Mata’s permission to go to the gathering, Raaj Mata wonders where she wants to go now.
Raja cries curt about Kaal. Bari Rani Maa promises to take him somewhere where he will realize world consider him to be Kaal’s son only.

The boys explain Rani about a game on climbing a wood stair. Rani says she is brave but not idiot, she lied at home thinking it must be a race. The children blackmail her that they would fight otherwise. Rani thinks for a while. Bari Rani Maa comes to the gathering with Kaal and Raja and sends Raja away. The farmer calls Kaal on stage. Bari Rani Maa dictates him the speech. She gets a cough in between, Kaal repeats a single statement. The children laugh that Kaal has forgotten his speech. The children ask about Rani who wasn’t there.

Raja denies using a smelly washroom. The caretaker suggests to use open farms as this all belongs to him. Rani comes behind him at school and throws a stone at his back. She questions if he was urinating in her class. He points a finger at her, if she would stop him? Rani’s mate comes to stand behind her, the boys mock Raja. Rani asks him to go to washroom, he deters what she can do else. Rani says they will make a pickle of him. Raja runs away from harassment. He goes under a mango tree. Rani and children blow crackers behind him that makes him and his guard afraid.

PRECAP: Rani wins a bat awarded by Kaal and Bari Rani maa. Everyone clap. Raja was upset. Rani was afraid of Bari Rani maa and runs away calling her a b***c.


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